Thailand Lacrosse Association (TLA) released it tentative schedule, after having to make a few adjustments to it due to the Political situation in Thailand. The Enigma Cup originally planned for March, was moved to May and instead the National team will travel to Singapore. Where Singapore Lacrosse will be hosting the Thai team, and help it’s neighboring team prepare for Denver. Assuming that the situation in Bangkok, would settled down by that point.. TLA will open it’s door to the two young development program: Malaysia, and Taiwan. And joins Thailand, and Singapore in Bangkok for the Enigma Cup. As part of TLA’s push for the development in the South East Asia region.

Then the team pack up for Denver, it’s the first time since 2011 the team will be the States after the team travelled to Suffield, Connecticut. The final 26 man roster will spend a week prior to the tournament getting adjusted to Denver, and doing the final preparation with Team Australia, and Team Canada for their first ever World Championship.

Then the team will head back to Thailand, and prepare for the 3rd annual Singha Battles in Bangkok in October. Where it hope to once again defend the Singha trophy, and keep it in Bangkok for the 3rd straight year. The addition of Taiwan added to the tournament should make it the biggest event in the region, especially with a few more inquiries from other local programs.

While other younger programs choose to “lay-low” several months ahead of the World Game, TLA will be hosting a tournament, and travel to compete outside the country. Is the team spreading it self thin? perhaps, but this is a program that’s never shy from competition, mean while running a parallel development program. It’s management have made it very clear that it will fulfilled it commitments, whether it’s the World Game year or the “off-year”. Instead of saving the Association’s money for the World Game, at the expense of the development efforts.

We shall see if the gamble pays off..

TLA Schedule

*Dates may change, subject to TLA confirmation