The Cooperation between Düsseldorf LC, LimeGreen Lacrosse and the English Lacrosse Organization ArchLevel Lacrosse yielded in a weekend quite unique for European Lacrosse. On Feb 8th and 9th Lacrosse players from all over Germany and a few Belgians were invited to Düsseldorf to take part in one of the first Coaching Camps in Germany conducted by ArchLevel Lacrosse “coaching coach” Vince Grimes.

The camp was set up as a mixture of classroom lessons and fieldwork where theory was put in practice. The participants were coaches and players at the same time to experience both sides. As a result the participants could evaluate both perspectives and inspect the progress made during the course.


The theory sessions dealt with general parts of coaching e.g. how to motivate a team, time management during practice, etc. and lacrosse specific drills and tactics. Both were explained well and summarized in a handbook provided by ArchLevel Lacrosse. Once the classroom session was getting too theoretical and participants were getting a bit tiered of theory Vince took them on the field which resulted in a great mixture of theory and fieldwork and an enjoyable atmosphere.

Check out some impression from the camp by ArchLevel Lacrosse

At the end all participants gained a lot of new skills to take home to their teams. ArchLevel Lacrosse will provide a certificate about the course which is also eligible as a level 1 ELF coaching certificate. European Lacrosse shop Captain Lax sponsored a few coaching goodies. LimeGreen Lacrosse handed out some lime wristbands and we shortly introduced our organization and our partner in the fight against blood cancer the DKMS. Everyone had a safe trip back home and maybe we will meet at another camp some time later this year.


We want to thank the organizers Jens Eger ding and Anne Weismann from Düsseldorf for providing a classroom, field and food. Great Job Guys! And of course the coaches from ArchLevel Lacrosse Vince Grimes and Ben Parks for conducting and supervising a great camp.



But at last we want to thank all the participants who had a great time and made this first attempt in improving lacrosse coaching in Europe possible and a great success. This was only a first step…

If you or your team is interested in hosting a LimeGreen Lacrosse event visit our webpage to get more information and write us an email.