Today we want to present you something from the women’s side of lacrosse. Rahel, a member of LimeGreen Lacrosse and the Dresden Braves Lacrosse Club is showing us two stringing tutorials for the women’s lacrosse heads STX Lotus and DeBeer Aurora.

The Aurora Tutorial “Gripper Pocket” is based on a stringjob using a combination of leathers and an Gripper Pro Center down the middle. The tutorial is in German (a good way to learn another language through lacrosse) but still very exact and easy to replicate.

In the second tutorial Rahel presents the precision Pocket strung on an STX Lotus using a combination of Leathers and Runner Strings down the middle.

Both pockets provide a good base for precice passing and good amount of hold with still being legal for FIL women’s lacrosse rules.

We hope to see more stringing tutorials by Rahel soon and congratulate for the great job.